MyEdge is a complementary medicine that contributes to healthy glucose metabolism to support you on your body balance journey.
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Why You’ll Love It

TRME MyEdge is a complementary medicine that helps with glucose metabolism.

Product Details

Are you on your journey to a healthy and balanced lifestyle but struggle with a feeling of hunger in between the meals? The feeling of hunger is your body’s natural and perfectly normal reaction to an energy deficit. But if you want to work on your habits, TRME MyEdge might be exactly what you need. It contains Chromium that will help your body to metabolise carbohydrates and fats, at the same time providing support for healthy glucose metabolism.

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Helps with healthy glucose metabolism
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Supports you on your body balance journey

Country of origin: Manufactured in the USA.

Food Business Operators: NSE Products Europe BV, Da Vincilaan 9, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium.

Benefits and Key Features

MyEdge combines the efficacy of the following ingredients:

  • White Mulberry Leaf Extract – Contributes to normal blood sugar levels and to the maintenance of the carbohydrate metabolism balance of the body
  • Chromium – Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism and helps the body to metabolise carbohydrates and fats

How To Use It

Mix one stick pack with the liquid of your choice. Take once daily right before or with a meal. If settling occurs, stir again before consuming.
You can also mix TRME MyEdge in your food or a beverage other than water.


Don’t hesitate to recreate our recipes available within the TRME system with TRME MyEdge.



White Mulberry Leaf Extract
The berries of the Mulberry Tree have been used in China for centuries. In recent years, the leaf extract of this plant has gained attention and popularity for its health benefits.
Carob Powder
Issued from the fruit pods of the carob tree, traditionally grown in the Mediterranean region. It looks a lot like a cocoa powder and is often used as a natural sweetener in baked goods.
Naturally present in a wide variety of foods in small amounts, chromium is an essential element that the human body uses in trace amounts. It contributes to normal metabolism of macronutrients such as carbohydrates.
Morus alba (mulberry) [leaf, 10:1 extract providing 12 500 mg of dried herb equivalent] – 1250,0 mg Ceratonia siliqua L. (carob) [pod powder] – 750,0 mg Chromium chloride – 15,4 mg – providing chromium (elemental) – 154,0 µg
Flavour masking product, silicon dioxide.


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