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Designed to provide a spa-like experience at home, the RenuSpa iO promotes positive overall feelings of wellbeing by helping you to look and feel your best. Using Adaptive Microcurrent Technology, this device offers a smooth and comfortable massage helping your body feel refreshed and relaxed while also restoring and revitalizing your skin by using stimulation to visibly contour, tone, and firm skin. With metallic nodes that fit the contours of your body and Conductive Gel to help them glide effortlessly over your skin, this device gives you the optimized, just-for-you treatment every time.

Why You’ll Love It

Fully integrated wellness and beauty system.

  • Helps your body feel relaxed
  • Spa-like experience at home
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Say hello to a self-care win with the power of Nu Skin RenuSpa iO—Nu Skin’s first fully integrated wellness and beauty system. This device uses patent-pending Adaptive Microcurrent Technology as well as one-of-a-kind- metallic nodes to provide a smooth and comfortable massage while also contributing to skin stimulation. Using this technology this skin firming device continuously and comfortably adjusts to your skin in real time, ensuring you get the most out of this device every single use. Through skin stimulation the RenuSpa iO visibly contours, firms, sculpts, and tones skin, leaving you feeling revitalized, refreshed, and restored.   This device connects to Nu Skin’s Vera app, where you can find guided tutorials, a library of routines for all your Restore, Revitalize, and Refresh needs, as well as complementary product recommendations to help you reach your personal skincare goals. Designed with a smooth, soft silicone sleeve, it makes cleaning simply and minimizes mess.  Boost your mood, depuff and energize your skin, and feel your best any time of day with the Nu Skin RenuSpa iO, an innovative beauty and wellness skin toning device, designed to give you that wonderful spa-like experience at home.

  • Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™
  • Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™ Wireless Charger
  • Conductive Gel

Through skin stimulation, RenuSpa iO helps:

  • Visibly contour and reduces the appearance of dimples for a smoother, radiant look.
  • Visibly tone and sculpt skin.
  • Visibly firm and tighten dimples for a more youthful appearance.
  • Depuff the skin’s appearance.
  • The skin feel energized.
  • Provide a spa-like experience to lift mood, improve overall feelings of wellbeing, and help you look and feel better.
  • Helps your body to feel refreshed and relaxed.
  • Provides a smooth, comfortable massage while contributing to skin stimulation.
  • Use Nu Skin RenuSpa iO with Nu Skin® Conductive Gel on clean skin.
  • Before using your RenuSpa iO, refer to the User’s Manual for important safety information and usage instructions. Connect to Nu Skin Vera for usage tutorials. For best results, use the device 3 to 5 times a week per area. Do not use the device daily. Each session can last up to 5 minutes.
  • Reapply gel as needed during the session to ensure smooth, continuous connectivity between the skin and device. Wipe off any remaining product with a damp cloth.
  • Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™ Product Information Page

  • Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™ User Manual


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